Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Using my Stash

I went shopping for fabric yesterday and came home empty-handed. Since the stores were in between their seasons I decided to use some of my stash. I made a serger cover from psychedelic fabric that was going to be a window covering.

Do you ever tire of your stash?


Sharon said...

Do I ever tire of my stash? Heck yea! Why do you think it keeps growing...I don't want to work with what I have so I buy something new, LOL! However, doesn't it feel good to walk away empty-handed and use up a bit of the stash?

Mimi Jackson said...

I can't even imagine going fabric shopping and coming back empty-handed!

Yes, sometimes my stash doesn't inspire, but everything usually comes back to being inspiring once again. Sometimes the weather (bad or good) helps to give me more ideas.