Friday, January 11, 2008

Our Lady of Guadalupe is beautiful. I admire Mexican folk art, particularly the bright colors and when I spotted this fabric panel at E-quilter I had to buy some. I gave it to my sister Noel and she literally grabbed it and ran! she fell in love with the fabric too. Noel made this wall hanging for me and she beaded the entire panel. Isn't she lovely? Now, I wish I had a large our Lady of Guadalupe belt buckle!

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Mom2fur said...

It's beautiful! I think you will treasure it forever.
Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm organized, but my house is very 'lived in.' I have to be organized, or I would forget to do things. Seriously--with me, it's out of site, out of mind. So I try to at least put things in certain places so I don't lose them. And trust me, I'm still always losing things!
Well, at least I can find my pins, LOL! (My marbles are an entirely different story...)