Saturday, October 4, 2008

Homecoming 2008

Here is my man child Paul with his darling girlfriend and date Carley.

fun fun

Well, the Nancy Zeiman Sewing retreat was a knee slappin' good time. I learned some new techniques and of course came home inspired. I purchased the Baby Lock Evolve Serger.....oh my! this is amazing and an Embellishing Machine. I thought the embellisher was a frivolous item until I took a class and daydreamed about a gazillion things I could use it for. I think the machine is definitely for those who have the desire to be extremely creative. I noticed that the ladies that really like to embroider did not fancy this machine. Now I need to get my tail end into the studio and whip up something to show you all! eee gads! I look like a big fatso in this photo! we were both looking at different cameras!