Monday, January 28, 2008

Spring Fever

I miss my green trees and flower garden. Spring and fall are my favorite times of the year because both are neither too hot or too cold. So, I made another warm weather top for myself. I also got to thinking...because I work at a snails pace it is probably best to be a season ahead when it comes to sewing. This pattern has been cut out and in a baggie for 3 years. The fabric is new though and from my favorite place to shop...Denver Fabrics. This knit fabric was very delicate and when cut it rolled up and created a nice scalloped edge.
Pattern: $1.99
Fabric: $4.00
Notions: $2.00
Total: $7.99
Seams ripped: 0


stacysews said...

OOOh, if it would only warm up - that top is going to be fabulous to wear this spring\summer! Beautiful jb and I love the fabric!

Sharon said...

I have a serious case of spring fever also.

With your coloring, this top is going to look beautiful on you. And how wonderful that it is ready to be worn as soon as that first beautiful (and warm) spring day arrives.