Friday, November 21, 2008


This is my first lined coat. phew! The fabric is a gorgeous lavender/beige/white wool boucle that I purchased on clearance from Denver Fabrics for $20.00. Butterick 5145 view A is the pattern I chose. I'll post this on pattern review too.

I sewed the buttons on with my machine which was another first but I think I'd rather sew them next time by hand because they were not tight enough.

I used my new Baby Lock Embellisher with scraps of the wool to make my matching scarf.

Black is my favorite color to wear so it was fun making something other than black.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Blind as a Bat

My costume was inspired by my serger. I was cussing because I could not thread the needle one afternoon. I said to myself out loud "I'm as blind as a bat"... "THAT'S IT" that's what I'll be for Halloween. I made the hood from a McCalls costume pattern, wore a t-shirt and black slacks. The wings are made from cardboard and black cotton fabric. I covered the wings with a black and purple sparkly sheer fabric. More glitter was added by using hairspray and a glitter shaker. The feathers were a "damaged" item at the fabric store that cost $1.00. I used plenty of hot glue, black duct tape and elastic and walla! The glasses were in a bargain bin for $1.00. Super glue made the nails stick to the gloves ($3.00) and the cane was a dowel covered with white athletic tape and had a red fabric tip. P.S. Steve and I sat on the porch and my wings nearly caught fire when I bent over to pick up something off the table! yikes! glad that did not happen. P.S. Steve has a broken leg and I hate having my picture taken that's why I look like a goof ball.

Josie my baby girl

Dogs are funny! mine hate costumes. I made Josie the baby bib and bonnet. The bonnet stayed on for about 2 minutes. No matter how many times I brush her she always looks disheveled.

Garden Gnome

Lauren wanted to be a garden gnome...this costume was too easy! a lot of the people in the neighborhood thought she was Santa though! I think they looked at her hat and beard and not at the rest of the garb.

Happy Halloween

Hi friends! I've been lazy and have not blogged much, but I have been reading your blogs! After my big purchase I had a few weeks of buyers remorse and felt guilty. That feeling lasted way too long, but let me assure you all I've been using my new machines. I had so much fun this Halloween. After decorating the yard and porch I sat in my rocking chair, drank beer with Steve and passed out candy. I tried to enter my photos in the costume contest at Pattern Review but had nothing but trouble loading last night, it did however work this morning. Oh well! Enjoy my photos!