Sunday, July 29, 2007

Barbie Sews

Today I found an amazing pictorial about Barbie that we can finally identify with! This must be shared with the sewing community. Debra asks you to send her an email if you liked her images! too cute!

Friday, July 27, 2007

Half Moon Bay California

Half Moon Bay has to be the coldest beach in California. I remember sitting on this beach shivering eating BBQ potato chips and grape Shasta soda. Dad painted the water from this beach and framed some of his oils with driftwood that we lugged home. The waves are incredible at this beach. I really want today to be over with and done.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Bonding with the Man Child

The number one man child likes to bond with his mama by watching movies and going on car rides through downtown to look at the architecture, the city life and the people. Today Paul wants to watch the first 2 Bourne movies because #3 comes out soon.
That computer and no and sewing machine today. I CAN NOT sit still so I'll be hand sewing, drawing and painting my that order while watching the movies. I am exhausted from my 12 hour shift at the hospital yesterday anyway so I have an excuse to sit around. Just a thought...I had 2 patients yesterday that were aged 48 and 51 having their first babies! talk about advanced maternal age! When I'm 51 I want to be in my "studio" sewing.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

How Full is Your Bucket?

I finished the buckets for Lauren and Megan (my darling niece) but only have a photo
of one. These are used at the Irish dance competitions to store their shoes, supplies and snacks. The dresses are destroyed if the dancer sits in a conventional chair so I made the buckets with a cushion to sit on to protect the dresses. This pattern made me Koo-Koo so I morphed it and did my own thing. Yes...I did rip some seams but what's new? When we were at the Irish Festival the buckets were very popular and I heard "you should sell these" oh gosh NO...then sewing becomes no fun at all.


Loosing a parent has got to be one of the most heartbreaking experiences. Dad died three years ago this coming Friday. Dad passed through his genes many things I appreciate especially the passion for the arts. He could find the good in any situation, person or event even though times were always tough for him. He grew up poor and remained monetarily poor all his life. He was rich though in many ways. He loved us all dearly and encouraged us to persevere even in the most trying times. We never had money or fancy possessions growing up but we always managed to get to the art museums or to the beach. He taught us about famous artists,colors, and sculpture among many other things. Dad loved my husband and children so much and has touched their lives in such a wonderful way. This morning I woke early and sat in my front garden that I have ignored all summer and had a good cry. I saw the morning dew on the plants, listened to the birds and felt the breeze. It felt good to slow down my mind and body for just a short time and appreciate the little things. This flower bloomed several days ago and I saw it from the driveway often. Today it has some brown edges on the petals but is still lovely. Nothing is perfect.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Turquoise or White?

I like white walls...they look so clean and fresh. "I will not have white walls in my studio" "I will not have white walls in my studio" "I will not have white walls in my studio" I've been practicing this phrase. I really love all colors. Lately I'm very attracted to turquoise. I might go for a light turquoise on the walls and have red and white Toile curtains. French Country? I informed Steve I wanted a chandelier too. He thinks I'm out of my mind!

The McLennan Clan

Here are my kids in Seattle with their McLennan Cousins. I have to say my side of the family has the cutest niece's and nephews ever! Not only are they cute they are nice! I love these kids SOOOOOOOOOO much!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Dancing Divas

Here we are: The Emerald Society Dancers on July 4th all dressed up for the parade. It was a blistering hot day even in the mountains but we had lots of fun!

The Studio

My "studio" that's my new name for my sewing room. I do a lot of designing, drawing, crafts etc. not just sewing. Besides it sounds more artsy and official. I love Mimi's sewing room: What an inspiration for organizing!

Eighth Grade Continuation

I know...I'm WAY behind in blogging! but I had to post this photo of Paul at eighth grade continuation. High School is next...then driving! He's on crutches in the photo, 2 broken arms and a horrible ankle sprain in middle school. Lets hope that High School is less hazardous to his health!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Art Competition

Lauren and I had so much fun making art projects together for the Pikes Peak Feis. We were not eligible to dance because of our school change so we focused on our art entries. We used the pre-made dolls from the craft store and jazzed them up with fabrics, beads and feathers. Next go-around I'm making my dolls from scratch as these had flat pancake faces. I won first place and received a trophy in the adult division. The best part was bonding, sharing and spending time with Lauren. She is so creative and so much fun to be with.