Thursday, July 26, 2007

Bonding with the Man Child

The number one man child likes to bond with his mama by watching movies and going on car rides through downtown to look at the architecture, the city life and the people. Today Paul wants to watch the first 2 Bourne movies because #3 comes out soon.
That computer and no and sewing machine today. I CAN NOT sit still so I'll be hand sewing, drawing and painting my that order while watching the movies. I am exhausted from my 12 hour shift at the hospital yesterday anyway so I have an excuse to sit around. Just a thought...I had 2 patients yesterday that were aged 48 and 51 having their first babies! talk about advanced maternal age! When I'm 51 I want to be in my "studio" sewing.

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Mimi said...

thats a long day at the hospital, enjoy the movies and hand sewing. Did you get my email about Randy and Lauren?

You are so cute, that is you in the picture right? he looks like your boyfriend not your