Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Loosing a parent has got to be one of the most heartbreaking experiences. Dad died three years ago this coming Friday. Dad passed through his genes many things I appreciate especially the passion for the arts. He could find the good in any situation, person or event even though times were always tough for him. He grew up poor and remained monetarily poor all his life. He was rich though in many ways. He loved us all dearly and encouraged us to persevere even in the most trying times. We never had money or fancy possessions growing up but we always managed to get to the art museums or to the beach. He taught us about famous artists,colors, and sculpture among many other things. Dad loved my husband and children so much and has touched their lives in such a wonderful way. This morning I woke early and sat in my front garden that I have ignored all summer and had a good cry. I saw the morning dew on the plants, listened to the birds and felt the breeze. It felt good to slow down my mind and body for just a short time and appreciate the little things. This flower bloomed several days ago and I saw it from the driveway often. Today it has some brown edges on the petals but is still lovely. Nothing is perfect.


Sharon said...

This was such a sweet post, it brought tears to my eyes. I can tell there was a lot of love between you.

Busy Mom said...

Such a lovely sentiment for your Dad. He will live on forever in your heart.