Wednesday, February 27, 2008

What Rhymes With Purple?

Today is crazy hair day at school. I talked Lauren out of a spray-on color and into a purple wig. I had just finished making the brown pink and lavender skirt so the ensemble looked adorable. Now this was from Butterick 4593 that I threw in the garbage because the pattern and I were not agreeing with each other. The skirt was enormous and the the pleats were ugly. I took it apart mostly because of the cute fabric and reinvented it my way. I added a hot pink lining with lavender and gold tulle to peek out of the lower edge.
Pattern: $0.99
Fabric: $8.00
Tulle: $5.00
Lining: stash
Elastic: $1.80
Total: $15.79
Seams Ripped: TMTC (2 many to count)

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Into The Woods

Miss Priss Lauren landed the role of Little Red Riding Hood in a local youth theatre production of Into The Woods. I start my voice over lessons tonight and am taking an Improv class this weekend. All I needed was another hobby but I figured since Lauren wants to be in show-biz I'll train as well! I talked to the costume director last night and it sounds like she has all her costumes and will only need some assistance with embellishing altering etc. Dang! I wanted to make a red cape. I might make one anyway just for her to wear to church etc.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


I found this adorable shower curtain for only $4.00! My son Paul loves penguins so I updated his bathroom. I made the topper for the shower curtain and glued the google eyes to the fabric. He thinks it is cute. He does not know yet that I glued some eyes to the back side that will be watching him tomorrow morning.
Curtain: $4.00
Fabric: $12.00 (not a bargain)
Rick-Rack: $2.80
Total: $20.79 for a nice update

Saturday, February 16, 2008


My girlfriend & co-worker Kristin celebrated her 40th birthday today. The party theme was Hawaiian so of course...I needed a Hawaiian outfit. I morphed New Look 6620 into a dress. The party was fun! any excuse to sew a costume for me!
Pattern: $3.99
Fabric: .97
Fabric: $16.00
Needles: $4.99
Flowers for hair: $1.00
Grand Total: $27.00
Seams Ripped: 1
I used a cotton with a bit of stretch and cut this on the bias.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Downtown Mrs. Brown

Brown must be in with me right now because this is 3rd brown item I've sewn this month. I found this stretchy wool blend tweed (heck I don't know what to call it)at Denver Fabrics in the bargain bin. I used a heaver weight interfacing that I had on hand instead of getting up and driving to the fabric store for a lighter one.(therefore the front is a bit stiff) And, as I am posting this I realized I omitted the darn shoulder pads. While trying this on I thought to myself "this might look better with shoulder pads...hmmm. Well, imagine that! I did enjoy making this and added my favorite pin that Steve bought for me in Kilkenney Ireland. I'm thinking that my brown and white turtleneck sleeveless number I made might look cute under this...except...wool right next to my skin? maybe not.
Fabric: $10.00
Thread: $3.00
Pattern: $0.99
needle broken: 1
Seams Ripped: 0
Total: $13.99