Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Into The Woods

Miss Priss Lauren landed the role of Little Red Riding Hood in a local youth theatre production of Into The Woods. I start my voice over lessons tonight and am taking an Improv class this weekend. All I needed was another hobby but I figured since Lauren wants to be in show-biz I'll train as well! I talked to the costume director last night and it sounds like she has all her costumes and will only need some assistance with embellishing altering etc. Dang! I wanted to make a red cape. I might make one anyway just for her to wear to church etc.


Mimi Jackson said...

Love the idea of a red cape... I saw "Into the Woods" with Bernadette Peters on Broadway when I was 16. I wrote a fan letter to the costume designer (now a Tony winner), and she wrote me a 5 page letter back! Yes, a red cape... love it!

connieB said...

I am enjoying your blog. How are you finding your voice over lessons? My daughter works as an account manager in the voice over industry and loves it!