Tuesday, February 19, 2008


I found this adorable shower curtain for only $4.00! My son Paul loves penguins so I updated his bathroom. I made the topper for the shower curtain and glued the google eyes to the fabric. He thinks it is cute. He does not know yet that I glued some eyes to the back side that will be watching him tomorrow morning.
Curtain: $4.00
Fabric: $12.00 (not a bargain)
Rick-Rack: $2.80
Total: $20.79 for a nice update

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Laura Pursell Byrnes said...

This is the cutest shower curtain!! how fun! I wonder if I could dress up our plain white shower curtain some way (it actually consists of two plain white liners!)...David is such a minimalist when it comes to curtains, but I could come up with something that ties in with the groovy 50's aqua tile...hmmm....