Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Downtown Mrs. Brown

Brown must be in with me right now because this is 3rd brown item I've sewn this month. I found this stretchy wool blend tweed (heck I don't know what to call it)at Denver Fabrics in the bargain bin. I used a heaver weight interfacing that I had on hand instead of getting up and driving to the fabric store for a lighter one.(therefore the front is a bit stiff) And, as I am posting this I realized I omitted the darn shoulder pads. While trying this on I thought to myself "this might look better with shoulder pads...hmmm. Well, imagine that! I did enjoy making this and added my favorite pin that Steve bought for me in Kilkenney Ireland. I'm thinking that my brown and white turtleneck sleeveless number I made might look cute under this...except...wool right next to my skin? maybe not.
Fabric: $10.00
Thread: $3.00
Pattern: $0.99
needle broken: 1
Seams Ripped: 0
Total: $13.99


Debbie Cook said...

Brown is always in with me. Love the jacket!

Sharon said...

Wow! You are on a sewing spree - must be influence of that beautiful new sewing space. Did you notice how nice that brown jacket looks against the color of your walls? BTW, what pattern did you use for your jacket?

Laura Pursell Byrnes said...

I think you and I are the same person....I just saw your pattern review of this great jacket on patternreview.com, we are making the same jacket (I'm working on the version with the notched collars), we're the same size, and all I do is dream about sewing. Are you a long lost twin, or something? (Just kidding, I'm not a stalker!) Great job, and I really wish I had chosed your version instead of mine...my husband liked the double-breasted look. If you have any tips on working with notched collars, I'd love to hear them! You can check out my blog to see all the creations I've been up to, if you want...laurapursell.blogspot.com
By the way, I love this fabric!!

little dresses said...

It is beautiful!

Laura Pursell Byrnes said...

Wait a minute....how did you get this pattern for $0.99??

Laura Pursell Byrnes said...

I'm gonna start buying my patterns online! So...I finished my jacket! It's HUGE on me, but I kind of like it...is yours over-sized as well? I'll post a photo shortly. But I can't believe how room it is..maybe it's the cut?

Laura Pursell Byrnes said...

Thanks for checking it out, Amy...I have a ridiculously dinky ribcage, so all my shirts are big. I didn't even try to alter the jacket (since this was my first effort at making a jacket), but next time I'll take it in. And by the way, I DID put the shoulder pads in! (I had to!) I don't like the fact that you can't even see the 4th button - it's hidden behind the collar. Your jacket just looks so much better than mine!