Wednesday, February 27, 2008

What Rhymes With Purple?

Today is crazy hair day at school. I talked Lauren out of a spray-on color and into a purple wig. I had just finished making the brown pink and lavender skirt so the ensemble looked adorable. Now this was from Butterick 4593 that I threw in the garbage because the pattern and I were not agreeing with each other. The skirt was enormous and the the pleats were ugly. I took it apart mostly because of the cute fabric and reinvented it my way. I added a hot pink lining with lavender and gold tulle to peek out of the lower edge.
Pattern: $0.99
Fabric: $8.00
Tulle: $5.00
Lining: stash
Elastic: $1.80
Total: $15.79
Seams Ripped: TMTC (2 many to count)


Cyndi said...

Crazy hair day, how fun is that! I agree with you on wig vs. spray on. And how cute that it matches her outfit. I hope she had fun with it.

Sharon said...

They didn't have fun days like that when I was in school. She looks cute.

Amy, can you email me so I can get your email address? sewingbysharon at gmail dot com. Thanks!

jemima bean said...

TOO cute! I love the wig too :)