Saturday, November 1, 2008

Blind as a Bat

My costume was inspired by my serger. I was cussing because I could not thread the needle one afternoon. I said to myself out loud "I'm as blind as a bat"... "THAT'S IT" that's what I'll be for Halloween. I made the hood from a McCalls costume pattern, wore a t-shirt and black slacks. The wings are made from cardboard and black cotton fabric. I covered the wings with a black and purple sparkly sheer fabric. More glitter was added by using hairspray and a glitter shaker. The feathers were a "damaged" item at the fabric store that cost $1.00. I used plenty of hot glue, black duct tape and elastic and walla! The glasses were in a bargain bin for $1.00. Super glue made the nails stick to the gloves ($3.00) and the cane was a dowel covered with white athletic tape and had a red fabric tip. P.S. Steve and I sat on the porch and my wings nearly caught fire when I bent over to pick up something off the table! yikes! glad that did not happen. P.S. Steve has a broken leg and I hate having my picture taken that's why I look like a goof ball.

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Sewfast said...

Nice Costume! I love it! Mary