Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Nervous Nellie

Riding as a front seat passenger in my car monitoring my 15 year old with his driver's permit has made me increasingly more anxious as the days go by. I thought this was going to be a fun experience as I have many fond memories of my older brother Malcolm taking me out in an old Volkswagon Van with curtains...and no first gear. We had many laughs together as I popped the clutch and grinded my start in 2nd gear. I used to wear a brown tweed hat and put my hair back so no one would recognize me in this vehicle. Looking back I laugh! My dad used to let me drive my sister VW Bug down the driveway when I was 12. Wow, it is more difficult to drive now a days! there are so many distractions and big SUV's to avoid and road rage. One evening I had my son drive me to the liquor store because I needed something to numb the anxiety! I found a new "Habit" and that is crocheting in the car. This keeps my mind and hands busy. My sister taught me to crochet a chain and a few stitches when I was 7. I can't follow a pattern because I don't understand the stitch names. I just make things up as I go...here is my first real finished project. I'd better go purchase some more yarn to keep my nerves steady!

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Sharon said...

Something tells me you're going to be doing a lot of crocheting over the next few months! Hang in there Nervous Nellie and remember that these days will become fond memories for them the same way that old VW van is for you.