Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Blessed Christmas

2007 brings a blessed Christmas to my family. We are all healthy and happy. I was scheduled to work Christmas eve and day and the census was so low that I was able to stay home. We had a beautiful snowfall this morning...the last time it snowed in Colorado on Christmas day was 1913. Looking back I have to say the best thing about this year has been all the new friends I have made...at work, dance and fellow bloggers. Many of you pop in to make an encouraging comment even though I have been a slacker in the sewing studio. I've spent more time with Lauren than sewing (good thing here)and helping her pursue her dream of being an actress. I want you to know I have a son and husband that do get equal attention....Lauren is just not camera shy so she gets her face posted on my blog frequently. We attended mass this morning...the last mass at our church until next December as our community is so large that we are renovating. I was sad because there are so many loving memories in our church. Merry and Blessed Christmas to all of you! I look forward to all of your comments and hope that those of you who only look will pop in and say hello this next year.

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meg said...

Hi, Amy; thanks for dropping by my garden for a littel holiday cheer- it's always nice to meet new folks.
We (my husband, son, & I) have been dancing in Livermore for 5 years, so we might even know your sister; we all tend to hang out at all the local Scottish Games :-)