Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Murphy was with me!

Happy St. Patrick's Day...one day late. Yesterday was a bit cold and snowy and we didn't want to wear our fancy dresses so I dug out the Leprechaun costumes from several years ago. Laurens was a size 6-7. So, I thought to myself..."I'll just whip up another one for her" well, guess who came along to sew with me? Murphy from Murphy's Law! Murphy messed with my serger and it was behaving badly. What should have taken 2 hours took 5 hours! Steve brought me food and drinks because I was holed in my studio all day. In the end we did have a lot of fun and laughs and met some wonderful folks on our dancing journey throughout downtown.

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Sewfast said...

Hi Amy...don't ya just hate it when Murphy hangs out in the sewing studio? Mary here...the other Fireman's wife/Nurse from Oregon...sorry I haven't responded to your comment on my blog. My husband works for Estacada, which is a small town outside of Portland, Oregon. Congratulatons to Steve on his 20 years of service. Tom is under 5 years to go and he loves what he does too. I think working in a helping profession has it's own intrinsic rewards. I love being a nurse, especially in my current job working for Guide Dogs for the Blind. I get to work with some really inspirational people and be around dogs all day. What more could I ask for? Have a happy Easter...Mary