Sunday, August 12, 2007

I'm Tired

The baby shower was a success, the weather was beautiful and we visited and caught up with some of our favorite couples. I am happy it is behind me now.

Next is head shots, back to school shopping, organizing my "stuff" for the "studio" and planning our Halloween costumes. My family will be in Ireland for Halloween and I am so jealous. It is just not fair. My brother is going to run the Dublin Marathon. I don't run but I would if I was there...especially when there is Guinness at the end of the race.

I found this pattern on eBay today(shh..I was shopping while at work) I hesitated then went for the buy now button. If they catch me so be it...I had to have this pattern for Lauren's costume. I can't divulge WHAT she will be though. My blog friends will have to wait and see. Only Mimi knows who Lauren is going to be and I know she can keep a secret!


Mimi said...

mums is the word ;)I will take the secret to my grave, well maybe not my grave but I will keep it secret until you reveal it.

cant wait to see the finished product.

teresa said...

Oh my gosh, we've had so many babies named Nevaeh! And they all think it's "unique". We had a very young surfer couple who had a boy/girl twin and they named them Roxy and Hurley! We all thought that was hilarious. But it works, I guess. Thank you for stopping by!

teresa said...

oh, and by the way.... I LOVE the name of your blog