Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Halloween Countdown

As of this post there are 68 days and 23 hours until Halloween! I have decided that I want to be......drum roll.........Medusa! I think it will be so fun making the hair...I envision sewing snakes to clip in my hair. Maybe I'll purchase some glow in the dark creepies. Fun fun!

Paul wants to be Borat. By the way I thought this movie was very irreverent but funny. The second time I watched it was not nearly as humorous. I thought it was sad. Sacha Baron Cohen actually has a lot to say about people, cultures and society.

Laurens costume is still a secret. I can't wait to make this one! She has a great imagination.

Steve? he does not answer me when I ask. Guess that's a no-go for daddy.

Riley? Probably a Doggie Treat Monster

Laurens stuffed Bunny Dongo will be an astronaut. If we can find him....poor Dongo lost in the messy bedroom.


teresa said...

that would be a great costume! im making a couple of pumpkin hats for the babies.

Mimi said...

you are going to be amazing as Medusa :) how did the filming go for my little star? did she have fun?