Saturday, October 4, 2008

fun fun

Well, the Nancy Zeiman Sewing retreat was a knee slappin' good time. I learned some new techniques and of course came home inspired. I purchased the Baby Lock Evolve Serger.....oh my! this is amazing and an Embellishing Machine. I thought the embellisher was a frivolous item until I took a class and daydreamed about a gazillion things I could use it for. I think the machine is definitely for those who have the desire to be extremely creative. I noticed that the ladies that really like to embroider did not fancy this machine. Now I need to get my tail end into the studio and whip up something to show you all! eee gads! I look like a big fatso in this photo! we were both looking at different cameras!


Sharon said...

Oh how fun! I don't think I know what an Embellishing machine is, so please post photos and tell me all about it!

You silly girl, you gorgeous in the photo! and you know what they say...the camera adds XX pounds (I like to fill in the blank depending on how many pounds I think the camera added to me, LOL)

Laura Pursell said...

I would also love to hear more about that serger -- I've in the market for one now...the one I've been borrowing (a "Europro" - which I DON'T recommend) has to go back to its rightful owner..