Thursday, September 4, 2008


After listening to Obama, Clinton, & Palin I could not take another evening of yappers.
So, sew...I made these lounge pants, scrunchie and vest for Miss Priss while the most recent gomer was blabbering. No patterns used this time. Just easy breezy mindless stuff because I am exhausted. The vest looks wonky in the photo but it is straight. Hey, I just noticed the symbols are upside town on the pants...oh well...these are for around the house. I really am tired.

Anyone gearing up for Halloween yet?

For those of you who emailed me and wallet is long gone, I think I had it on my lap when I got out of the car. A man came to my door 3 days later with my ID that was found blowing in the wind clear across town. Luckily nobody used my credit cards.

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stacysews said...

I'm getting ready for Halloween - or at least 'planning' for it!