Wednesday, November 28, 2007


I have say I have not been productive in the sewing studio...I've been thinking about sewing...does that count? I have been feeling very emotional and my life has been topsy turvy for several months. I have fought many demons and am looking forward to peace and happiness. I had a very sad day at work yesterday and it put my personal angst into perspective. We can loose our precious someone in a moment. I don't say enough on my blog about my best friend Steve...he does not tell me about all his risks at work because I'd be so anxious that I'd be in the loony bin. This photo shows how brave he is! he is so kind! he has helped me through rough times and stood by my side. I love this man so much! he is extraordinary!


Mimi Jackson said...

Oooh - I know where you're coming from. We've all been there. Hang in there, and know that we are all encouraged and inspired by each other!

little dresses said...

I love that picture! As a firefighters wife, I know how hard "that fear" can be. Hope everything calms soon.