Monday, November 26, 2007


I have to say the past few weeks have been a whirlwind of activity. Lauren and I traveled to California for a dance competition and along the way...we met with Mimi and her gorgeous family! I am amazed by her bubbling energy, sweetness and her talent. She is pretty in her blog photos but in person she is BEAUTIFUL! inside and out! I felt like I'd known her forever. Lauren instantly loved her family and children and the girls were giggling and dancing. Randy is a brilliant actor who exudes manliness, confidence and is kind and gentle at the same time. We only had a wee bit of time to spend with them which was not nearly enough for us. I could have rolled out a sleeping bag and camped in Mimi's sewing studio. Her fashion drawings are spectacular! God wanted me to meet Mimi...isn't it interesting how we meet people along life's path and they touch our lives in such a positive way. I received news while there that my Aunt was dying and my mom was on her way to Missouri to be with her only sister. Randy did something kind for my mom...(it's a secret sorry) and made her day! I think this little gift he gave her has put a smile on her face throughout the past few weeks and made her lighter on her feet. Visit Mimi's blog and say hello!


Mimi said...

Hi Honey! that was so nice to read and we felt the same way :) I cant wait until we meet again and have some more time together. I hope you had a great thanksgiving and send me those pics :)

Sharon said...

Oh Amy! I'm so a good way of course. I would love to meet some of my blog buddies, including you :-) How wonderful that you were there when you heard the news of your aunt and because of that, Randy was able to lift your mother up just when she needed it. I'm sorry to hear about your aunt.

BTW, I think spending time with new moms and their wee ones is a great way to spend your holiday!

teresa said...

oh how I envy mimi!