Thursday, August 21, 2008

Star Light...Star Bright...

I wish I may, I wish I might...have my wish come true tonight!

Well, I went to the store to see a demo of the Baby Lock Evolve Wave yesterday. Then guess what happened? I looked in my purse and my wallet had gone missing. I searched for 8 hours straight yesterday, digging through the house, cupboards even the refrigerator (one never knows) even the stinky rubbish. I slept about 1 hour last night then woke up to my puppy's mess in the kitchen. I've also been having a pinching chest pain that is frightening me.

So here's the funny part...the salesgirl phoned me and I told her I'd lost my wallet and had been searching for 5 hours (at that point) and she asks me if I was thinking about the machine! well the machine was the furthest thing from my mind! I informed her that life stops until I find my wallet. Sales sales sales! I do have my heart set on this jet air threading serger/coverlock baby. The price is scary! $2599.99

Guess that's a no for now since I have no wallet. I wonder if a little house gnome is hiding it knowing that it is not the time for a large purchase.

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Sewfast said...

OMG Amy...I hope you have found your wallet...that is such a scary feeling! I have the Evolve Wave...I think they can do better on the price though. I paid (well I should say my Hunny paid) $1800.00 with a generous $400.00 trade in for my fried POS Janome Compulock and they through in the Gold Standard package as well, which is, excuse the pun, worth it's weight in gold! Thinking positive thought for finding your waqllet...Mary