Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Can't you just whip it up mom?

Can't you just whip up a 50's skirt for me mom? I was flattered when Lauren asked at 8:45 pm but after working a 12 hour shift all I could think about was my pj's and my crib. Her inquiry originated from the same lobe in the brain that the Money Tree and the "I need cookies for 28 kids" is located. No, I did not stay up and whip up a skirt...I can't sew at night. I did wish though that I had more costume supplies stashed in the closet. I yelped at her "what? why can't that school of yours let us know in advance?" as it turns out the school was having a fundraiser the next evening at Gunther Toody's and the children were encouraged to wear 50's clothing. Lauren had also promised to bring cookies as a treat for the class. Lauren, loving any type of costume or opportunity to be theatrical settled on a quick homemade bow, and my cat eye glasses.

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teresa said...

sorry to keep you waiting on your package. it's a work in progress. I will let you know when I ship it!