Saturday, September 22, 2007

Birthday Shopping

Today Steve and the kiddos took me shopping for my Birthday...we went to the Container Store and I picked out a grid system and magnet containers to hang above my sewing machine. Steve also bought me a new chair. Fun Fun! I've been organizing all afternoon.

I also received an I Pod Nano video so I can listen to my favorite songs while sewing. I am having so much fun in my new studio. I'm almost ready to take photos for sharing on the blogosphere.


Sharon said...

Happy Birthday Amy!

I bet you are having a wonderful time getting that new sewing studio organized.

My DH gave me an iPod for my birthday also - I LOVE it for the same reason you do.

Mimi said...

AMY!!! you are killing me, please please please show me yours, I have shown you

the sewing room of